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For 14 years I’d had a mole growing on my left eyelid and no one knew how to remove it!! I saw GPs, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists but they all said the mole had to be surgically cut out. That was not an option for me — I was worries about ruining the shape of the eye. The amazing CO2 laser at CK removed the mole so quickly, without any damage or change to the eye! The procedure was so quick with no recovery time! I’m so so so glad I went to CK: they fixed a 14 year old problem in a matter of minutes.

Angela Z.
Angela Z.

I wish I could give them 10 stars if I am able to. I came here for blepharoplasty surgery consult on May, I have been consulted many other surgeon before I came to see, but I just couldn’t make the decision, I know there is many of you like to show picture to your surgeon, and tell them this is how you want, many surgeon may tell you they will do it,but they neglect the result may not look good on you what you expected. When I went to CK plastic surgery, I met with Dr. Kim and Chris the beautiful consultant, they gave me very honest and professional advise, what procedure and  what shape will look best for me, then I booked the surgery date without any concern. The result is amazing, it exactly how I want it to be, I have a very beautiful eyes now! I am extremely happy with the result!! I have to mention Dr. Kim is a great surgeon, he has good hands and a good sense of what beauty is. CK plastic surgery is my secret place to become prettier.

Kay, S
Kay, S

I have never had any laser before. so it was my first time to have this called ND-YAG LASER. and It was pretty cool. since it s my first time to get laser , it was little hurt for me and it feels like someone poking my face with needle. but after then, there were hot machine to make natural collagen in my face -this was pretty hot too . but i was exciting also that time. they took me to massage room after all done to give me cold massage. they were pretty nice and i didn’t have to wait for long. they let me in right away. at the first week, i couldn’t notice any difference btw you need to get laser 3-4 times more then. you will notice right away.  but second weeks, i noticed my skin look shiny and clear !!!!! i definitely will go back to have second my YAG LASER soon. !!!

Diane Y.
Diane Y.


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