Lateral canthoplasty

Lateral canthoplasty creates incisions at both ends of the eyes allowing your eyes to look bigger. This surgery is claimed to have little effect because the skin can stick together again, however, with accuracy and the development of technology, many are getting this procedure done. At CK Plastic Surgery, lateral canthoplasty does not use the customary method of pulling and suturing the eye but is performed by dividing the upper and lower end of the eye with an incision into the conjunctiva so that the skin will not stick together again.

WHO needs Epicanthoplasty?

  1. People whose ends of eyes are slanted upward making their face look fierce
  2. People whose eyes are shaped in a normal direction but the length is very short
  3. People whose eyes look small due to height of the eyes
  4. Those who want wider and gentler looking eyes
  5. Those who have small sclera around the eye making one look cross eyed