What Everyone Needs to Know About a Face Lift?

Do you know that around 15.9 million minimally-invasive and surgical procedures were conducted in 2015 in the U.S. alone? This intriguing fact comes from the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics report, which also mentions that the number of facelift procedures was more than 125 thousand.

The procedure of face lift is used for the aging individuals, who face issues like wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of skin elasticity.

This process ensures that the improvement on your face is not transient, as you do not need to mask the flaws through the application of make-up.

What makes it so popular?

The facelift comes with an overwhelming number of benefits for the individuals. Some of these perks include:

  • The sagging skin is turned into a tightened version
  • Smoother look is offered to the lower eyelids and cheeks
  • Wrinkles from the face are removed
  • Individuals are able to reflect an illustrious skin
  • Double chin is removed

All these and numerous other benefits ensure that the quality of the face is transformed radically. Ultimately, the self-esteem and confidence of the individuals is skyrocketed.

This surgery is also linked to hassle-free factor, which makes it popular among the individuals. This surgery takes around three hours, and hospitalization is not needed after the surgery. Also the individuals are able to wash their face after three days of surgery.

How is it performed?

The surgery begins with the application of general anesthesia on the patient. It is followed by making an incision along the wrinkle line at the back and front of the ear. The surgeon stretches the skin back and upward over the face, after the loose skin is dissected. In order to offer a natural look, the surgeons remove the excess skin along the incision. Finally, the skin is sutured with total precision.

Therefore, get covered with awesomeness from head to neck by opting for this procedure.

It is important to have an in-depth discussion with your surgeon to know about the precautions to be followed before and after a surgery.

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