Post Bariatric

With the growing popularity of bariatric, or gastric bypass surgery as a treatment for obesity, body contouring or Tummy Tuck operations after significant weight loss has become a focus of Dr. Kim’s surgery practice. After developing an interest in this highly specialized area of plastic surgery, he now dedicates much of his practice to this complex, challenging, and extremely rewarding field of operation. 

By applying the latest techniques in body sculpting individualized to each patient’s specific needs and priorities, Dr. Kim can help you realize the new shape that is hidden beneath the excess skin that remains after your goal weight has been achieved.

After losing significant weight patients are typically left with loose folds of extra skin that once held all that fat. The most effective solution to this problem is post-bariatric reconstructive surgery. Using abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and other reconstruction techniques, Dr. Kim is able to remove excess skin in addition to lingering fat. Dr. Kim regards Post Bariatric Tummy Tucks as one of the most rewarding surgeries he performs.

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