Nasal Tip Plasty

In rhinoplasty, materials that will be used and the method of the surgery are very important.
Therefore, the surgery method should be decided after considering the patient’s nose, skin condition and the desired height.

Rhinoplasty Costa Mesa

1. The autologous cartilage grafting: a way of heightening the nose by inserting the septum cartilage or ear cartilages to the tip of the nose
2. Dermis graft: the autologous derma, the alternative derma
3. Correction to the carilago alaris (cartilage on the tip of the nose): rearranging the cartilage of the tip of the nose for a heightened effect
4. Columella nasi support: lifting the tip of the nose by making the autologous cartilage support the columella nasi
5. Septal lengthening procedure
6. Combination: a surgical procedure combining several of the methods above

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