01.Lip Reduction

Many patients have lips that are not proportionate to the rest of their face. They can be larger than desired compared to the rest of their face, or the upper and lower lip may not harmoniously structured. To remedy this situation the lips are surgically cut and shaped to the desired shape and size. It is a relatively short procedure and scars are virtually undetectable after healing has taken place. Dr. Kim is an expert in lip reduction without surgery.

02.Lip Augmentation Los Angeles 

The Lips can be a reflection of youth and feminine appeal. Sometimes patients just have thin lips and want to plump them up. Sometimes as we age, our lips thin out and the wrinkles around our lips become more pronounced and negatively impact a person’s appearance dramatically making the look older and “angrier”. To counter these instances, there are numerous options that patients can choose to augment their lips using permanent or temporary methods.

1. Temporary Injectables

Dermal Fillers can be injected in the upper and lower lips to create volume and fullness. Usually Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used as they are a natural substance compatible with our bodies.  When it is injected it plumps the lips and is gradually metabolized out of our bodies over the course of about 6-9 months.

2. Permanent Surgical Implant

Silicone Lip Implants are a more permanent option to lip augmentation. This option is a surgical procedure in which a soft silicone implant is surgically placed into the lips.  The sizes of the implants depend on how much of an augmentation is needed.  The implants can be removed in the future.

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