Fat Transfer Treatment

The situation becomes more devastating for young adults who start to get wrinkles at an early stage. Of course, what could be more agonizing than losing your youth when you are still young? Wrinkles bring down the confidence of young adults despite having no significant importance in their overall personality.

To fight skin aging problems, CK Plastic Surgery brings to you the Fat Transfer treatment. This treatment will help you in regaining your confidence back. People will also start to focus more on other nicer traits of your personality. In this treatment, the patient’s own body fat harvested from their abdomen, buttocks, or thighs is implanted to their wrinkles or scanty areas on the face. Don’t worry when it comes to your face, as CK is extremely careful and only the clean fat is inserted inside your facial skin. The treatment gives you a meticulously well-sculpted look that you always wished to have.

CK Fat Transfer Los Angeles and CK Fat Transfer Costa Mesa both have gained some heartwarming customer feedback on the quality of service they have provided. Don’t be hesitant to get this treatment as your safety is CK’s priority and your satisfaction is a gift to CK.


Fat Transfer Surgery


1. The surgery is performed by sedating the patient under general anesthesia and surgery takes approximately one hour.

2. Clean fat tissues from the abdomen or thighs are collected so that do not get damaged and stored properly for transplant.

3. Using a small injection needle, the collected fat tissues are evenly inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, muscle or fascia along the wrinkle lines.

4. If needed, the transplant will be completed with suture.

05.Caution before undertake a surgery

1.Don’t forget to consult with your doctor, as to every medicine that you take. Those who take medicines, especially, for blood coagulation and thrombosis (aspirin, plavix, coumadin or any other pain killers) have to stop taking these kinds of medicines before two weeks when you undergo a surgery.

2.Those who eat healthy foods, such as red ginseng, nutritional supplements, oriental medicine, vitamin, A/E, hormone, anti-biotics, chlorella, glucosamine, omega 3 and the likes, have to stop eating these kinds of foods before two weeks when you undergo a surgery.

3.People with high tension have to consult with a doctor and keep the blood pressure at a normal level before undergo a surgery.

4.Those who are just before you menstruate or you are on the menstruation period had better avoid undertaking a surgery.

5.Those who will undertake a surgery have to stop drinking and smoking before two weeks before you undertake a surgery.

06.Post Operative Care OPERATIVE CARE

1.Hospitalization is not necessary and you can receive outpatient treatment.

2.To prevent bleeding and swelling after surgery, you need to wear press bandages over the harvested region (legs, abdomen) for about three days.

3.Do not use a cold or hot pack after surgery and pressure over the surgical area should be avoided for 2~3 weeks.

4.Daily routine is allowed starting the day of surgery, but washing the face and applying makeup is allowed after removing the bandages on the third day.

5.If suture is needed, they will all be removed within 3~5 days.

6.You will experience mild pain and light bruising, swelling and the stretching of the face but they will disappear after 1~2 weeks. 7.Drinking, smoking, and visiting the sauna should be avoided for about a month.

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