What is Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Surgery?

Asian Blepharoplasty is popular among Asian people overseas and now it is gaining popularity in the States as well. As people are getting more conscious about their looks, a desire for wonderful eyes is at the top of their list. The wrinkles on the top of the eyelid make a person look older. This doesn’t feel right and gives lots of disappointment every time the person looks at their reflection in the mirror. Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Surgery becomes the only option that a person is left with under such circumstances. In this method, sagging or excess skin muscle and the first fatty layer are removed from the top.

Charles Kim, the surgeon at CK Plastic Surgery, has achieved mastery in performing such a subtle operation. The safety and satisfaction of his clients during the treatment is given the utmost importance at CK Plastic Surgery. Clients are made comfortable from the moment they enter the clinic and many have also mentioned they feel pampered throughout the process. CK operates with patience and calm to make the surgery more efficient and effective. Once you enter CK’s Upper Blepharoplasty Los Angeles clinic, you are sure to walk out with complete satisfaction.

01.Those who needs Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Surgery?

1. Not suitable for a non-incision surgery

2. Whose symptoms are not accompanied by drooping of the eyebrow

3. Whose eyelid’s skin is not thick enough and have existing double eyelid line

4. People whose distance between the brow and eyelash are not too close

5. People who have an existing double eyelid line and have a great amount of sagging at the outer ends of the eye

6. People who have not a lot of wrinkles on the nose or on the forehead

7. People who have relatively big eyes without ptosis

Asian Blepharoplasty Los Angeles

02.Surgery Method

In the procedure of a sub-brow resection, an incision is made along the line of the eyelid and sagging or excess skin, muscle, and the first fatty layer is removed.

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