Lower Blepharoplasty

The bloated appearance your eyes can give to your otherwise flawless face is haunting. Bloated eyes are a nightmare for everyone, especially when any big event is knocking on your door. Whether it is your wedding, birthday, a meeting, or any award function you are nominated for, you always want to look your best for every event. You are expected to look gorgeous and flawless on your big day as every pair of eyes are on you. Don’t let eyelid wrinkles, skin redundancy, or fat bulges beneath your eyelids spoil your day.

With CK’s Lower Eyelid Fat Reposition, you get rid of lower eyelids bulges, wrinkles, and the skin redundancy problem. No matter how stubborn those bulges get, with proper treatment they could be removed without getting you in any trouble. The experienced mind and skilled hands of Surgeon Charles Kim work wonders on your skin, regaining your flawless skin once again. Visit CK’s Lower Blepharoplasty Los Angeles and witness the magic of science. CK helps you in restoring your natural look by removing any unwanted fat under your eye. CK also ensures your safety and comfort during the treatment so you don’t need to panic.

01.Those who needs Lower blepharoplasty?

-Those whose skin underneath the eye is sagging and bulging with lipid sack.

-Those whose lipid sack are bulged without sagging skin.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles

02.Advantages of Lower blepharoplasty

a. Improvement of wrinkles around the eyes by repositioning the fatty layer

b. Improvement of facial wrinkles by lifting the sagging cheeks

c. The procedure can restore the proper amount of the lipid sack by pulling the muscles under the eye

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