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7 tips to prevent yourself from acne

English football player Brian Clough rightly said, “Acne is a bigger problem than injuries.” Acne can result in greasy skin, black head, and pimples. But you can stay protected from this menace by bringing a slight modification your lifestyle. Here are some essential tips that will prevent from the issue of acne. The face should […]

8 fun facts related to plastic surgery

From offering a selfie-friendly face to reducing the size of the tummy, plastic surgery has given multiple benefits to the individuals across the globe. Here, we present some exciting facts related to plastic surgery that are going to surprise you. These include: In the year 2015, 279,143 breast augmentation procedures took in the USA alone, […]

What Everyone Needs to Know About a Face Lift?

Do you know that around 15.9 million minimally-invasive and surgical procedures were conducted in 2015 in the U.S. alone? This intriguing fact comes from the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics report, which also mentions that the number of facelift procedures was more than 125 thousand. The procedure of face lift is used for the aging individuals, […]

What Are My Options For Lip Augmentation?

Myriad ladies are embracing lip augmentation procedures, as it is adds overwhelming amount of visual appeal to their lips. How? It allows the ladies to plump up their lips, even if they have extremely thin lips. Also, the women, who are experiencing thinning of lips or the wrinkle issue due to aging, choose this process […]

Lip Reduction without Surgery – 4 Most Important Facts

Although lip augmentation is among some of the most sought after cosmetic procedures, there are people who have very large, prominent lips and want to reduce them. The answer lies in lip reduction procedures. Lip reduction can be done surgically to reduce large lips. But one of the top plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. […]