The Orange County/ Los Angeles Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, K. Charles Kim, MD can deliver the desired results you seek from rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery for your ethnicity. Dr. Kim has performed Rhinoplasty procedures on patients of all ethnicity’s.

The Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon customizes all Rhinoplasty procedures and the exact method he would use for you will be discussed during your complimentary consultation with the Orange County Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon.  During your consultation at his office in Los Angeles area or Orange County, California, Dr. Kim, M.D. will evaluate your nose and facial features and together with you will decide what nose reshaping changes to produce.

Ultimately, rhinoplasty can improve the aesthetic look and proportional shape of your nose, imrpoving your level of confidence and the way you are perceived by others.

Choosing to have nose surgery performend on your face is a personal decision and each patient individually will have to decide if the improved aesthetic appeal will produce the results that they are looking for.