CO2 Laser

01.What is YouLaser CO2?

YouLaser CO2 artificially poses injury on dermal tissue in order to reconstitute powerful collagen.
The natural healing response induces collagen production on the dermis by stimulating fibroblasts, which results in mitigation and treatment of scars, improvement on enlarged pores and fine lines, and preventing skin aging process.


• Enhance advantages of existing CO2 laser while reducing recuperation period and disadvantages.
• Effective for both epidermis and dermis.
• Bring out clear & bright skin tone
• Improve fine lines, enlarged pores, and elasticity by inducing contraction and regeneration of collagen in dermis


• Excellent result with just a single session
• 1~2 sessions of YouLaser CO2 delivers the result similar to that of laser resurfacing.
• A single session alone improves skin elasticity.
• Less pain
• YouLaser CO2 only requires local anesthesia or anesthetic ointment while other laser resurfacing procedures require general anesthesia due to severe pain.


• Improve skin elasticity & enlarged pores
• Remove various scars including acne scars & surgical, burn and stretch marks
• Improve wrinkles on forehead, eye and mouth
• Effective for skin aging due to sunlight
• Brighten uneven skin tone