What is Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Surgery?

Asian Blepharoplasty is a procedure which has become extremely common in the Asian community here in the States as well as all across Asia. With so much demand there have been numerous methods developed to meet the needs of patients who are looking to achieve the eyes that will best enhance their natural assets and features. At CK Plastic Surgery, Dr Kim has developed the mastery and finesse with which to deliver the best results to his patients while securing their safety and well-being.

01.Those who needs Upper Eyelid Wrinkle Surgery?

1. Not suitable for a non-incision surgery

2. Whose symptoms are not accompanied by drooping of the eyebrow

3. Whose eyelid’s skin is not thick enough and have existing double eyelid line

4. People whose distance between the brow and eyelash are not too close

5. People who have an existing double eyelid line and have a great amount of sagging at the outer ends of the eye

6. People who have not a lot of wrinkles on the nose or on the forehead

7. People who have relatively big eyes without ptosis

02.Surgery Method

In the procedure of a sub-brow resection, an incision is made along the line of the eyelid and sagging or excess skin, muscle, and the first fatty layer is removed.