Lower Eyelid Fat Reposition

Asian Blepharoplasty is a procedure which has become extremely common in the Asian community here in the States as well as all across Asia. With so much demand there have been numerous methods developed to meet the needs of patients who are looking to achieve the eyes that will best enhance their natural assets and features. At CK Plastic Surgery, Dr Kim has developed the mastery and finesse with which to deliver the best results to his patients while securing their safety and well-being.

01.Those who needs Lower blepharoplasty?

-Those whose skin underneath the eye is sagging and bulging with lipid sack.

-Those whose lipid sack are bulged without sagging skin.

02.Advantages of Lower blepharoplasty

a. Improvement of wrinkles around the eyes by repositioning the fatty layer

b. Improvement of facial wrinkles by lifting the sagging cheeks

c. The procedure can restore the proper amount of the lipid sack by pulling the muscles under the eye