What is Epicanthoplasty?

Epicanthoplasty is a procedure which removes the epicanthic folds at the inner corner of the eyes and shortens the distance between the eyes. Epicanthoplasty and blepharoptosis can be performed simultaneously or separately. Dual Epicanthoplasty can correct one’s eyes by reducing the pulling function of inner corner of eye and can make your eyes look more natural and beautiful.

01.Who needs Epicanthoplasty?

1. People whose eyes are too close therefore making the eyes look narrow

2. People whose epicanthic fold becomes a wrinkle underneath the eye

3. People who have pseudoesotropia (serious case of epicanthic fold) making the eyes look very narrow

4. People who look ferocious or strong features

5. People who want to have an in-fold or out-fold double eyelids



The procedure is almost scar-less because there is incision between the eyes By extending width and height of eyes.
Your eyes look wider and clearer Correcting the slant of the inner corner of the eye can give you the eyes that you have always desired By correcting the epicanthic fold, it can improve the impression of a person when performed simultaneously with blepharoptosis, the effect of creating bigger eyes can be maximized.
There is almost no swelling or bruising, allowing you to get back to daily life due to a short recovery time.

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