What is Incision Ptosis Correction?

The muscles used to lift the eyes can become weak causing the upper eyelids to cover part of the eyes. Ptosis correction can correct this by incising the levator muscle used to open the eyes. Droopy upper eyelids can cause a tired appearance and the act of opening the eyes can cause forehead wrinkles.

01.Those who needs Incision Ptosis Correction?

1. Have upper eyelids covering their eyes

2. Have tired looking eyes

3. When taking pictures, eyes look half open

02.The Utility of Incision Correction

Level of strength and distance are in inverse proportion to each other when the same energy is in effect. When the length of muscle is shortened, the eye-opening power increases

03.Sugery Method

By pulling the muller muscle and fastening it to tarsus, the muscle to open the eyes are improved. After surgery, patients can open their eyes more naturally and even though the surgery is more complex than the usual ptosis its recovery period is almost the same. As there are many variables in performing ptosis correction surgery and it is important to make both eyes symmetric. In serious cases, surgery might need to be redone.

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