WHAT is Double Eyelid

Asian Blepharoplasty is a procedure which has become extremely common in the Asian community here in the States as well as all across Asia. With so much demand there have been numerous methods developed to meet the needs of patients who are looking to achieve the eyes that will best enhance their natural assets and features. At CK Plastic Surgery, Dr Kim has developed the mastery and finesse with which to deliver the best results to his patients while securing their safety and well-being.

Methods to create double eyelids

The surgery that heightens the tip or the bridge of the nose using autologous or biocompatible materials makes up the majority of rhinoplasty surgeries. Because Asians generally have a flat nose, this makes the face looks flat and dull. Therefore, heightening the nose can make the face look slimmer changing ones impression.
In rhinoplasty of a flat nose is not just heightening the nose but to consider one’s face structure and finding the correct height.


Non-incision method

There is the Non-Incisional Method which is usually recommended for patients whose eyelid is more pliable and yielding to sutures being placed inside the upper eyelid to create desired crease. This process requires the least amount of recovery time for patients.

Eyelid Surgery by Non-Incisional Method


Incision method

Incisional Method is necessary for patients who either have more fatty tissue or excess skin on the upper eyelid. This procedure consists of cutting the skin, removing any skin, fat or tissue then creating the perfect fold with the stitches to create a pleasing upper eyelid.

Eyelid Surgery by Incisional Method


Partial incision

For patients who require just a small incision of the eyelid without the full incisional across the eyelid the Partial Incisional method is used. There is a small 5mm scar and much less recovery time required than the Full Incisional Method

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